The  Simple Android Apps Series is a number of free Android apps that have been developed on the basis of simplicity and user friendliness.



Simple Apps features:

  • They are very lightweight.  So they save valuable space from your phone memory or SD card.
  •  Their code is simple and light..  The processor is not stressed by the processes of the apps, thus  significant energy savings from the battery can be achieved.
  • They are easy to use, convinient and user friendly. They have a simple menu and friendly user interface (UI). They are very easy to learn and operate.
  • They are stable. Considering the fact that the most annoying and negative behaviour of Android applications, is to “crash”, the first concern of the Simple Android Apps development is the overall  stability. The Simple Android Apps have  ZERO number of crashing or other related negative reports.!!!!!

All the above features are essentially required by  the majority of mobile users.

So when an app is simple, easy to use, with friendly UI and give to the users exactly what they want and nothing more, it’s a successful app.

Surely there are similar applications with more features, but it has been found that these additional features are rarely used by the users, therefore it doesn’t make sense of using an app that  requires excessive space  with no substantial benefit.

The Simple Android Apps series consists of applications / tools and games.

You can can have an overall view of them on Google play:   Simple Android Apps . You may also take a glance at the corresponding menu items of this site.

The series is constantly updated with new applications and games.

Thank you for using our apps!