Mobile is the future

If you don’t already have a mobile strategy, you’re going to be late to the game.

You might be tempted to say “Oh, mobile isn’t that important in my company.” But mobile affects anyone who is promoting something. People are using mobile devices to do everything they do, and if there is something they can’t do on their mobile phone, they’re frustrated and ready to leap to the first offering that comes along.

So what should you do?

Mobile is about more than just having a responsive website, although that’s important. Apps can also be important, depending on the situation, but you can’t simply release an app and claim to be done with your mobile -optimized content marketing strategy.

Embracing a mobile-first mindset means:

1.      Adopting it within your own company first. Do you use a mobile device as a primary or substantial means of computing? What about your team members? Are you pushing to find ways to manage more of your business through mobile devices?

2.      Having a responsive website. If your business is largely driven by geographic factors make sure your business shows up on mobile-friendly location services and review sites like Google Maps and Yelp.

3.      Exploring options for advertising on mobile devices.

4.      Building an app. It may or may not be the right fit for your company, but it’s worth analyzing. More and more, what used to be done on an app can be done on a responsive website, but in some cases an app makes more sense. Just don’t wait for all your competitors to release apps as the sign that you should dive in.

More important than the specific tactics is the mindset. If you think mobile-first, you’ll start to see the opportunities.

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