Augmented Reality (AR) is expected to emerge  3x as much as the Virtual Reality (VR) in the upcoming years, according to  recently updated estimates.

While  smartphones / tablets can offer some basic aspects of Augmented Reality, my view is to make a step ahead and  bring an AR application to the mass market, as a part of the Simple Android Apps series.

I’m currently working on a very first project called: “Acropolis AR View“. Every visitor of this historic monument, having this app in his/her mobile/tablet and targeting the device on every point inside and around the monument  will be able to get instantly on the screen  information of what he/she sees. In addition to the above, he/she can get corresponding information by clicking on every point.





I chose Acropolis, as it is undoubtedly considered to be one of the most valuable and precious symbols of human civilization and culture.

Sounds interesting? Stay tuned!!